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No ESCape Add-in for PowerPoint 2000-2007



  • A User can exit out of a show accidentally/intentionally by pressing the ESC key. This add-in disables the functionality of the ESC key.

  • Note: If the show is set to run in Kiosk mode, disabling the ESC key will provide no way of getting out of a slide show, hence please ensure that you have provided an escape route (e.g an invisible shape set to End show) to exit the show


Installation Instructions:

  • Download the add-in zip file.

  • Unzip the contents to a defined folder.

  • Launch PowerPoint. Click on the Tools Menu and select Add-ins.

  • Click on Add New... and locate 'NoESCape.ppa'. Click on OK.

  • You should now be able to see the add-in listed in the window with a 'x' mark against it. Click on OK again

  • If it prompts you with the Macro Warning, enable the macros.


How to use No ESCape Add-in

  • If the add-in is loaded, it adds a menu item in the Tools Menu. Look for 'Update links during show...'

  • Click on it. This will bring up the preferences window shown below:

  • Select the desired mode from the choice available.

    You can set to it prevent ESCing from all shows or only from the main starting show. If you have selected only from starting show then depressing the ESC key will exit out of all shows excluding the starting show.

  • Click on OK.




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